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What is the Young People's Health & Wellbeing Survey

The Young People’s Health & Wellbeing Survey (YPHWS) is a youth health and wellbeing survey which gathers self-reported information annually from those aged 11-19 in Hertfordshire.

The 2023 survey has now ended.

It was created with the aim of improving health outcomes for children and young people by informing commissioning services and young people’s services of the health behaviours and health needs of the younger population. The survey includes questions about home life, wellbeing, diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol use, drug use, sexual health, mental health, bullying, and safety.

The survey in a funded by Hertfordshire County Council's Public Health and Services for Young People teams. It is run by the Public Health Evidence & Intelligence Team. The survey provides an opportunity for partnership working between organisations providing services to young people around the county. 

Previous survey results

You can access the full data from the survey in the Hertfordshire Young People's Health & Wellbeing Survey Public Dashboard and see bespoke analysis at the YPHWS Analysis Blog. You can also find other YPHWS reports in our Data catalogue.

Request additions or alterations to the survey

Where possible the survey will aim to assist other organisations in gathering information, for instance by providing data and analysis and altering and adding questions (both permanent questions and as one-off or recurring questions). However, the survey must balance the information needs of many groups and increasing the length of the survey will inevitably affect data quality. Therefore, changes will only be made where there is a clear and evidenced need for information, the changes are judged to be appropriate for the survey, and where the Project Group in charge of the survey agrees. The Project Group has the final decision on what, if any, alterations will be made to the survey, including the wording of questions and answers.

In order to mitigate the impact of increased length on participation, additional incentives for participants may be required. Where this is the case a contribution may be sought from the requesting organisation.

Alteration requests should be made through this online form.

A copy of the latest survey is available from the Public Health Evidence & Intelligence Team.

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