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We are Hertfordshire County Council's Public Health Evidence and Intelligence team.

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The Epidemiology team analyses a range of data and information to improve our understanding of health and wellbeing of Hertfordshire’s population, as well as the wider determinants that contribute to health and wellbeing such as, income, environment, demographics, and social capital.

We can provide basic advice free of charge or carry out data analysis on your behalf for a fee. 

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Joint strategic needs assessment

The JSNA Team undertakes Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) which look at specific health and social care needs in Hertfordshire and highlight areas of inequality.

We provide JSNAs, JSNA Briefings and JSNA LiteBites from our existing workplan free of charge. We can produce new  products for a fee.

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Research and evaluation

The Research and Evaluation Team can carry out research or provide evaluation support to any directorate within Hertfordshire’s local authorities, as well as supporting voluntary/community organisations and other service providers.

We provide basic advice free of charge and can carry out research or an evaluation on your behalf for a fee.

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Decision support programme

This is a programme of cross-cutting projects tackling complex public health issues, with a focus on addressing health inequalities within the county.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us to provide this kind of service for your own organisation or work area.

Knowledge transfer and engagement

Our team produces guides, videos and resources to help you find and use relevant health evidence.

Contact us if there's a topic you'd like some advice on.

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