Small area level data

Generally, the smaller the geographical area concerned, the less practically useful statistical data will be available. When looking at areas below district level it is important to bear in mind that (compared with larger geographies) fewer outcomes indicators will be available, the data are less likely to be very recent and there are less likely to be statistically significant variations between areas due to smaller sample sizes.


The small area health data which we use typically comes from Public Health England's Local Health online tool. You can use this tool to build health profiles for your own defined geographies. We plan to create an e-learning module to help you get the most out of this resource which will be available on this website.


Occasionally, pieces of work are undertaken to create health needs assessments and health profiles for particular defined small areas. These are relatively resource intensive exercises which are usually undertaken to inform specific commissioning decisions and therefore this is not something which we publish routinely, however. Completed reports can be accessed by clicking on 'Small area profiles' in the right hand menu.


We are currently working on building ward-level tartan rugs for each of Hertfordshire's ten districts, using data from PHE's Local Health tool. These show how health outcomes in individual wards compare with the district as a whole. Again, you can access these through the right hand menu.