District and borough council level data

Hertfordshire's ten lower tier local authorities (commonly referred to as 'districts') are:

  - Broxbourne Borough Council

  - Dacorum Borough Council

  - East Hertfordshire District Council

  - Hertsmere Borough Council

  - North Hertfordshire District Council

- St Albans City & District Council

- Stevenage Borough Council

- Three Rivers District Council

- Watford Borough Council

- Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

District level data is available for a large proportion of the statistical indicators which we commonly use. If you're looking for the most up-to-date figures at district level for a particular indicator, the quickest way to get what you need in most cases is to use Public Health England's 'fingertips' tool (we'll be developing a brief e-learning module on how to get the most out of this tool shortly which you'll be able to access through our online data school). The 'fingertips' tool allows you to look at trends over time and compare outcomes in a particular district with those of a comparator area, such as Hertfordshire.


To provide a quick overview of key outcomes across the ten districts compared with the Hertfordshire or England average, we have produced a number of 'tartan rugs' which show data at this geography. Our 'life stages' tartan rugs and 'PHE Health Profiles' tartan rug* are a particularly good first port of call.


If you're looking for data which shows how outcomes vary within a particular district or borough, go to our 'Small areas' page.


* This was the first tartan rug produced by Hertfordshire County Council's Public Health Evidence & Intelligence Team and is often referred to simply as 'the tartan rug'. If you hear someone talking about 'the tartan rug' without mentioning a specific topic, this is likely to be the one they mean.